Xpress Point Tagline Statement

“Neighbourhood Convenience”

An Xpress Point store is much more than just a physical building – it is an idea, a concept and a gathering place.

Xpress Point is built based on the idea that we can bring the world to you. It is based on the concept that when we build a store in a community, we are indeed a part of the community and are trusted with the responsibility to provide nothing less than the best friendship beyond that of a service. It is a gathering place that goes well beyond buying things, but is very much part of our lifestyle.

Neighbourhood. When we open an Xpress Point store in a neighbourhood, we see beyond just the brick and mortar; we see an opportunity to bring the local community closer together and enrich the lives of those who live in the vicinity.

Convenience. As the leading name in the retailing convenience industry, we are constantly re-defining the meaning of the word ‘convenience’. Beyond just being physically located nearby, it is also about offering a wide array of products and services, where appropriate, as a one-stop-shop for banking and top-ups. Even more so, we take pains in ensuring the entire experience is pleasant, quick and seamless.