What’s New

Remodelled Xpress Point Stores

“Inspiring Transformation:
A Never-Ending Endeavour”

When we first envisioned how our new stores will look like, we had a set of strict criteria: they have to be vibrant, be filled with products that are fresh and trendy, a space that exudes energy and liveliness, and a charming customer service. As part of our brand’s essence of Inspiring Transformation, we set out to create a unified brand experience for customers to pump-shop-reload at our stores.

Our new, remodelled Xpress Point stores oozes slick and charm. With over 30 stores having been remodelled at this very moment, more Xpress Point stores are vigorously being remodelled to serve you better.

It is no surprise then, that these stores are getting rave reviews from our customers. Walk in and see for yourself!

New Xpress Point Stores

“Impacting Communities. One Store At A Time.”

We are working round-the-lock to meet the insatiable demands of our customers to have more stores in their local communities all over the country. Congratulations to these new stores who have joined the Xpress Point family!

We welcome Habib Service Station (Kedah) & Popular Niches Sdn Bhd – Feri (Pahang) into our Xpress Point family.

New Xpress Point Signage

“Creating A Bold First Impression”

Every Xpress Point store promises a stylish and comfortable place to gather for the local community as well as providing a great shopping experience. But how do we give that first impression? The answer: the store logo.

A store logo is the first impression before our customers walk in. When we first embarked on redesigning a new look for the store board, the task was to create a look that is contemporary, energetic and warm – this will give a preview to what the customer is about to experience, which will soon be validated the moment customers step through the door.

We are proud to unveil our new logo. Currently, our logo has been hoisted at more than 15 stores, and many more will come.

So, whenever you see this logo, do come in. When we say we are serious about rethinking the concept of a convenience store in a local community, we mean it.

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