Director’s Message

“Connecting with the Community”

We always put our people first. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that we value and nurture our relationship with all our stakeholders; retailers, business partners, suppliers and employees, by taking two concrete actions – constantly adding value in our business system and operation, and enhancing trust and confidence in the Xpress Point brand.

As a starter for our new model Xpress Point retailers, we provide guidance from the planning stage through to setting up and running a full-fledged integrated convenience store. This includes intensive personnel training, empowering and motivating our retail partners in customer service to optimize customer satisfaction and establish loyalty.

The tagline ‘Neighbourhood Convenience’ has allowed us at Xpress Point to fulfil one of our corporate social responsibilities – by broadening our services from creating convenience to providing hassle-free amenity services so that we can cater for the busy lifestyles of motorists. Ensuring their successful delivery will provide neighbourhood convenience to our motoring public.

Our aspiration is to transform Pen’s Caltex petrol stations into integrated fuel destination points through our new Xpress Point model. It will enhance our fuel customers’ experience!

We started our new Xpress Point model 6 months. Aside from improving premises and environment, we introduced facilities such as ATMs, Touch ‘n Go, e-Pay, CollectCo, Car Wash facilities, Coffee, Tea & Food stores and loyalty programmes.

Our enthusiastic team works closely with existing corporate partners on our marketing initiatives to induce traffic into Pen’s Caltex stations as well as with potential new corporate partners to explore opportunities that will benefit our Retail Partners. This ongoing drive for new options for our retail partners will certainly help and support them in serving our fuel customers in line with our people first philosophy.

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