Xpress Point Logo Branding

“Passion In Motion”

When we embarked on a new design for our logo, we had only one aim in mind: to encapsulate our brand’s ‘Passion In Motion’ in one simple visual.

We wanted to retain the human element from the previous logo that represents an exuberant lifestyle, yet also want a logo that resonates with customers today. Poring over drafts after drafts, the final result is one that we feel truly captures our brand’s essence. While retaining the human element, we made a few important tweaks: adding an additional blue stroke to create design harmony and speed, changing the square format to a more dynamic shape, retaining the vibrant red band that had served the original design so well.

The result? A work of art that oozes with freshness, dynamism and energy – and one that rejuvenates all of us at Xpress Point.

‘Passion in Motion’– this encapsulates our never-ending endeavor to constantly improve and dedicate ourselves to providing the best service to customers.